Double Trouble Promo

Double Trouble is one of the main 32 Skylanders from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Besides a single character pack, he is also available in a three-character pack along with Whirlwind and Drill Sergeant. He is a part of the Magic element.


Double Trouble was an adept spellcaster who came from a tropical region of Skylands where he scoured the land in search of rare substances for brand new spells. While he was certainly pleased with some of his early work (he was particularly fond of his hovering charm), nothing captured his fascination more than the idea of creating a clone. On an expedition to find exotic ingredients for his potions, he traveled in search of a rare lily that was said to multiply the power of any spell. So thrilled was he when he found it, Double Trouble instantly ate the plant and performed a spell. Suddenly, there was a loud pop… then another… and another – until Double Trouble was surrounded by exact copies of himself. As it turned out, he had misunderstood the details about exactly what would multiply. But it didn’t matter, for he quickly realized the clones were delightful companions… never mind that they were only half his size and would explode on contact.